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All Aboard for a Reading Adventure

Quest for Knowledge: An Investigative Journey to the Land of Wonder




  • Each week we will add intrigue as we solve clues and discover the "Mysteries of the Media Center"
  • We will meet one of the most amazing superheroes in the world of reading - Mr. Melvil Dewey, along with Inspector Ray Coon and Professor Barnibee Owl.
  • We will uncover interesting facts and discover great knowledge.
  • We'll search for reason as we uncover the secrets of finding and locating information.
  • As we travel through the Maze of Misfiled books, we will over come those uncaring Media Misfits. Finding and putting these unruly villians behind bars.
  • And only then will we seize the opportunity to become Super Sleuths in this amazing, "Land of Wonder".


The Reading Trip:

  • A reading adventure for all.
  • Each class will build a train. Each train car will represent 1,500 minutes read.
  • The faculty will particpate with their own train.
  • Minutes read will be turned into the media center weekly.
  • Contest: "Who can guess how many minutes we can read in one year?"

The Tickets:

  • Pick up your boarding passes and tickets at the "Classification Station" on your next visit to the Media Center. Then board our train to adventure.
  • So hop aboard and travel with us on a "CASE OF IDENTITY". Joining Inspector Ray Coon and Barnibee Owl, along with the eminent Melvil Dewey. We will follow the clues and crack the code on our Quest for Knowledge.

Beware there is learning up ahead!

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