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Would you believe I love to draw!

I first realized that I had a talent for art when I was in the third grade, and I have been drawing and creating ever since. I'm at my best with pen in hand, which that in itself can be a little scary, because I doodle on everything. It's great to be able to do what you love, and I love sharing my designs almost as much as I love creating them. Creating designs that leave a warm place in your heart, designs that make you smile, and designs you can look at and know just what you want to do with them is my goal.

This project took on a life of its own when I started creating bulletin boards for teachers. I thought if they had a few good designs that they could use over and over, designs that could be interchanged with each other, it would save them a lot of time. One good thing just leads to another. The designs have been used in many different capacities. They have been used by scrap bookers, crafters, and painters. I have always tried to create art that could be used as a creative tool for others. Art that can be used to ignite the creative side of the user. Over the years I have enjoyed seeing the many ways you have used this art as an extension of your own creative ideas. It is a helping hand really. You just have to use your imagination and put the ideas together.

A project like this doesn't happen without the help of many talented people. People who are willing to give up hours and hours of precious time, to live the dream with you, and go the distance. Many talented artisans work with us as well. TerriLynn Gibbons, a daughter, has created the Wild Animal series. Pauline Thayne, a daughter, along with my sweet husband Paul have put in countless hours perfecting the artwork and digitizing it all. Troy Thayne has been our technical master and creative CD engineer.

And of course to the many wonderful supporters of this work, YOU!

May the sun always shine on you!